About Us

Sarvarojgar.com is a web start-up dedicated to bring better job opportunities to the Freshers(Diploma and Degree holders) and informal job sector (Delivery boys, office helpers, drivers, electrician, maids, security guards etc.) by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.

A possible solution to provide all job seekers more with job opportunities while efficiently helping employers find suitable employees. We take immense pride in providing job opportunities to the most professional handymen. In India most of the people are uneducated but they have skills and experience in particulars fields. Our motive is to provide them with good quality work, income and living standard.

For job seekers, we help understand where there's good opportunity, and what you need to do to successfully pursue it. For employers, we help locate where there's talent, experience and skills for the business efficiency.

We provide the technology platform for blue collar employees to accept jobs based on their and experience.


To empower each and every professionals, skilled, semi skilled, unskilled job seekers. To provide timely job accessibility to fresher ,experienced professionals and all our friends residing in villages, small towns away from state capitals and metro cities. Most of these do not have access to job opportunity. It will be our top most priority to provide them right opportunity and to eliminate the unemployment in Blue collar and grey collar job sector by providing a platform to interact with suitable employers.

Our values

Humanity, Compassion and Empathy are the basic values which inspire all of us and give us courage to take positive action for welfare of our society. It is the bounden duty of empowered and fortunate people to contribute towards empowering other fellow human beings.

SarvaRozgar is a unique Mobile job marketplace that helps blue collared and entry level job seekers to connect mainstream employers anywhere in India via mobile in their own language